Parkway Ford Service FAQs

Parkway Ford Lincoln

Q: Where do I go to schedule my service appointment?

A: You can schedule your service appointment at this link on Parkway Ford’s Website. Also, you call us at 330-343-6681 and speak with a qualified Client Care Coordinator during business hours. It’s quick and easy!

Q: Can Parkway Ford keep me updated on my repairs?

A: Absolutely! Our team will check you in when you arrive with text and email options to keep you updated on the progress of your repairs. Our team will be in contact with you as soon as your service is complete. Also, our team will be reaching out to you during the process if your vehicle requires an extended period to repair.

Q: How long will my oil change take?

A: On average an oil change takes about 45 minutes to an hour, however it will depend on the number of customers ahead of your vehicle. Your service advisor can give you a better estimate when you drop off your vehicle.

Q: What is a Multi-Point Inspection?

A: A multi-point inspection is a vehicle health report card for your vehicle, indicating which items may require future attention and those that need to be addressed immediately. During a multi-point inspection, we inspect tires, brakes, hoses, struts, springs, ball joints, fuel lines, conduct general inspection of the vehicle and top off all fluids. Here at Parkway Ford we make sure nothing is overlooked on your vehicle.

Q: Does Parkway Ford’s service department have coupons or offers?

A: We offer service coupons/offers on our website at or see our service advisors for details when you arrive. Save today with discounts on your Ford services.

Q: Does Parkway Ford have Certified Ford Technicians?

A: We pride ourselves on having some of the best Certified Ford and ASE Technicians in the area to get you back on the road safely. Our highly trained technicians will make your next service a quick and easy process.

Q: How long will it take for my vehicle recall to be serviced? 

A: Our friendly Client Care Coordinators can give a better estimate on the range of time depending on the advised service recall. You can also contact us for an update at 330-343-6681 during business hours. A service recall on a software update may only take 30 minutes but a recall on brakes can usually take a few hours. There are some recalls where repairs take a few days pending on the service required, and if the parts are in stock.

Q. What are the newest recalls that Ford has released?

A. Below are some of the newest recalls to be release from Ford:

  • 23S12 FRONT FLEXIBLE BRAKE HOSE REPLACEMENT  – 2 hours drop off day of appt

Q. How do I know if my vehicle has a recall?

A. Please give us a call at 330-343-6681 with your VIN (this is 17 numbers and charters found on your insurance card or bottom left driver side of your windshield) we will run your vehicle ID to see if you have any outstanding safety recalls. Once you have your VIN, you can also check your own recall here at this link: Your safety is our top priority!

Q: Can I wait for my vehicle to be serviced at Parkway Ford?

A: Enjoy TV, WIFI, coffee, and tea while you wait. Depending on the service required on your vehicle, you can either stay in our comfortable, clean and sanitized waiting room or leave, and our team will contact you after your service is complete.

Q: Does Parkway Ford wash my vehicle after its service?

A: We do have a complementary car wash for every service appointment. After our technicians work on your vehicle, the exterior will be washed and dried by our detailer. Enjoy a clean vehicle after your service with us!

Q: Will Parkway Ford contact me after my service?

A: We will contact via text, email, or phone call. We will ask how your service was to make sure you were satisfied. You will also receive a survey from Ford Motor Corp. Please take the time to fill this survey out. We would love to hear from you!