Recommended Auto Service to Keep Your Car Running Its Best in the Colder Weather

January 18th, 2022 by

Winter is here, but you can still perform a few necessary maintenances to keep your vehicle running in top form this season. At Parkway Ford in Dover, OH., we want to help you comfortably cruise through the winter and meet the warmer weather of spring with a smile on your face and four wheels on the road. We have a list of services we recommend to help you achieve the great ride you deserve.

Change Your Oil

Colder weather plays a number on your oil. After traveling throughout the summer and fall, your oil is ready for replacement. Schedule an oil change with Parkway Ford, and we’ll perform this routine care and keep your vehicle moving forward.

Tire Care

Icy and wet roads are nothing to mess around with. Ensure that your vehicle is ready to navigate even the slickest roads when scheduling a service appointment with Parkway Ford. Our experts will inspect your tires to ensure they have the proper tread depth and are in good shape for anything our winter roads throw their way. If you need a new set of tires, don’t worry. We have access to a wide range of tires that will fit your vehicle and suit your driving needs. You’re always in good hands when you choose Parkway Ford.

Check Your Fluids

It may seem like a minor issue, but running out of windshield wiper fluid when your windshield is caked by salt and grim is no time to remember this important aspect of vehicle care. If you need a top-off, our dealership can help. Schedule an appointment with Parkway Ford, and we’ll ensure you have the right fluids at the proper levels.